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Crystal Woodman Miller


  • Author of "Marked For Life: Choosing Hope and Discovering Purpose After Earth-Shattering Tragedy" (NavPress 2006)


  • International Speaker on the issues of Faith and Hope in the midsts of suffering. 


The reason Crystal has chosen to speak and share her story is and always has been to share a message of Hope.  The common thread woven throughout the fabric of humanity is our shared experience in suffering and hardship.  Regardless of race, religion, gender, or geographic location, no one is immune to the difficulties of this life.  Therefore, Crystal shares candidly of her own journey of hardship, faith and hope so that it may encourage others in the challenges they face. Crystal also speaks in effort to prevent school violence and to help those who, unfortunately have already been impacted by it. 

Media & Television

The Today Show


Larry King Live

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams


Good Morning America

The Doctors

BBC News

Discovery Channel "I Shouldn't Be Alive" Feature Episode

BIO Channel "I Survivied" Feature Episode

A&E Channel "Twisted Fate" Feaure Episode

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

Sky News - UK

Featured Articles

Grazia Magazine

Glamour Magazine

Marie Claire Magazine

Teen Vouge

Lifelight Festival

Alive Festival

Spirit West Coast Festival

Blink Festival

National School Board Conference

Churches (numerous national and international)

Schools and Universities (numerous national and international)

The 180 Tour

Lifelight Tour



Conventions for law enforcement personel

Kosovo (post war)

Winnenden, Germany (post school shooting)

Virginia Tech (post school shooting)

Newtown, CT (post school shooting)

Beslan, Russia (post terrorist attack)

Arapahoe High School (post school shooting)

Parkland, FL (post school shooting)

Indonesia (post tsunami)

London - International Peace Conference

Hungary (Campus Crusade)

Speaking Engagements (Various Events)

Spokesperson Work

Samaritan's Purse

Operation Christmas Child

Food for the Hungry

The 180 Tour

Rachel's Challenge



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